Sunday, August 14, 2011


Oh goodness.  Today has been one of those days.  Or should I say yesterday, it's 2:25am right now, and bless my heart, I can't sleep.  I guess I haven't tried for the past 45 minutes, but still.  How so one of those days?  Well, it's been a good one, I have to say, filled with work, and study, and learning, and cooking, and time spent together with my family, and dreaming, and thinking, and learning some more.
I've been practicing up 'my German' a bit, which isn't really saying much, as I don't really have any German to speak of.  I just want some reading and writing to go along with the miniscule amount of Swiss-German dialect that I've got on my tongue.

I've been thinking about going back, and what that might hold.  Part of me dreams of living with family there, working in the town, doing who-knows-what that you don't need language for.  Another part of me wants to just find some little mountain farm and work with them for room and board.  Maybe both, I'm not sure.  Regardless, I'd love to rediscover my roots a bit, feel the newness of the way the country is now, not the stories of the past, and yet also discover the past-ness of the now, the mountains that seem in part, at least, untouched.  I've never tasted fresh milk right from a cow before, and I'd like to, you know?

But I've lived here almost all my life:

It's so different.  There are plenty of similarities, yes, but there are plenty of differences, too, and even though I'm not planning to move to Switzerland, any time you spend in a place, your whole life is there in that moment.  Daunting, isn't it?

Well, I must pray more, for the Lord's plan is already laid out.  Who am I to question it?

In Him,


JaynEryn said...

I could totally see you working on a little mountain farm!! Like Heidi :)

By the way, I totally had a dream about you the other night - probably cuz I looked at your facebook page. I somehow ended up at your family's house. You had a lot of cats!

Sheila said...

Cats! Ooh, how exciting. :-) I love telling people about dreams I had of them, so it's fun that I landed in your head the other night.


Maria said...

Tis beautiful. Perhaps I should consider studying abroad in Switzerland... I am looking for ideas since I'm not sure how I really feel about England...

And yes. I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone and God is greater. Just think how wonderful eternity will be.