Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have an odd quote, posted in an odd way, from an odd book, and I want to share it with you at the start of this post because it is so positively interesting that it fits.  Read on...

Be, butterfly and behemoth,
be galaxy and grasshopper,
star and sparrow,
you matter,
you are,
Be, caterpillar and comet,
be porcupine and planet,
sea sand and solar system,
sing with us,
dance with us,
rejoice with us,
for the glory of creation,
sea gulls and seraphim,
angle worms and angel host,
chrysanthemum and cherubim
Sing for the glory
of the living and the loving
the flaming of creation
sing with us
dance with us
be with us

And back to regular programming.  Which is equally random, I might add.  That is a quote from "A Wind in the Door", a book by Madeleine L'Engle which is a companion to "A Wrinkle in Time", which you might have heard of because they made a movie of it.  In any case, I encourage you to read them, for there is a whole lot of interesting imagination in them that leads to some fantastic lines of thinking.  
Time.  You see, I've been intending to write this post (or a version of it) for ages.  But what are ages?  What is now?  We serve a boundless Creator God, and He knows no time, so how am I to understand time's purpose?  To bind me?  To bind you?  To serve as a platform for salvation?  And if I know that God's existence is beyond these confines of 'then' and 'now', then what matters a day, except that I only have a specific allotted number of them?  

Let's look at a verse, and two quotes from J. I. Packer's "Knowing God".

"The plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart, through all generations." - Psalm 33:11

"God's Purposes do not change: ...  What God does in time, He planned from eternity.  And all that He planned in eternity He carries out in time.  And all that He has in His word committed Himself to do will infallibly be done."

"Still He blesses those on whom He sets His love in a way that humbles them, so that all the glory may be His alone.  Still He hates the sins of His people and uses all kinds of inward and outward pains and griefs to wean their hearts from compromise and disobedience.  Still He seeks the fellowship of His people and sends them both sorrows and joys in order to detach their love from other things and attach it to Himself.  ...  So we read of God dealing with His people in the Scripture record and so He deals with them still.  His aims and principles of action remain consistent; He does not at any time act out of character.  Our ways, we know, are pathetically inconsistent - but not God's."

Isn't that GOOD?  

Time.  He's outside of it, and so shall we be.  We are bound to it, temporarily, because we are bound to our bodies.  In prayer, we come before a Holy Spirit who works consistently, He does not change as we do from day to day.  

Shall we be bound by time today?  Or shall we waste our lives?  How do we live within time, but with a proper view to an eternity without it?  Oh, that we might taste of the timelessness of God!!!

More thoughts to come...

In Him,


Lorraine said...

Fabulous! How shall we then live? Every moment to the glory of God, and one day, as someone once said, we shall find that we have always been in Christ. Praise His Name!

Maria said...

Take it a bit further and quote C.S. Lewis: "Nature is mortal; we shall outlive her....We are summoned to pass in through Nature, beyond her, into that splendor which she fitfully reflects."

Love you, girl. :)

Sheila said...

Yesss... love it Maria. :-) Thanks!

Think! Just Think! said...

great insight love the quotes (I may plagiarize your use of them)and love Madeleine L'Engle. you may be interested... my latest blog