Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Day I Didn't Get Married

It is currently 3:46pm, September 10, 2011.  I would have been married, but I'm not.  I'm simply a daughter of the King, and so blessed.

There will be no pictures of this part of the story, but bear with me, that's part of the story.  This morning, after my 2 pieces of toast, we went for our walk.  We walked all along the seawall, taking in the beauty, reveling in the breeze, smelling new scents with each breath.  I was praying; it was good.  Finally, I pulled out my camera, realizing that I had forgotten to put in my SD card again, and started feeling frustrated.  My friend, Lou, had forgotten her camera, and her cell's battery was dead.  I suppose the Lord didn't want me taking pictures, but it took me a few minutes for my inner temper tantrum to die down.  Finally, I rested in the Lord, and started enjoying what He'd given me.  I began picking flowers, making a chain, making a little bouquet, and putting the chain into my hair as a crown.  A little taste of the joy of the Lord!

We continued walking, eventually entering Stanley Park, and now I could feel the pulse of the life that is so evident in the forest.  Here I felt vitality, strength, and peace.  What a gift!  We kept walking, and I glanced at my watch.  11:20.  10 minutes before my 'wedding'.

And there we were, 11:25, I'm all decked out, not in white, but in flowers.  I'm praising God, not for marriage, but for His grace.  I sat before the most beautiful big pond, covered in lily pads, framed by great evergreens.  A small girl shyly walked towards me, her long, blonde curlies hanging past her shoulder.  "I like the flowers in your hair..."  she smiled.  I motioned for her to come toward me.  "What's your name?", I asked.

"I'm Sheila.  Would you like some flowers?"  I smiled back at her.
She nodded, and I handed her my little bouquet of wild flowers.
"Thank you."

She walked away, her little skirt dancing around her, her tiny blue eyes caressing the yellow blossoms.

My flower girl.  I realized that later.  I had a little flower girl!

What a delight to my heart.  11:30.  I breathed deeply, and began to pray.  I poured out my heart, I poured out my thanks, I poured out my future, I praised Him who is sovereign for His sovereignty.  And then I rested.

I sat and reveled in the moment, and a the still small voice of the Lord clearly spoke to me: "You're right where you're supposed to be."  I've been praying for days that the Lord would speak to me clearly, definitively, and there in that moment, about the same time I would have been saying "I do", He promised me that He was at work.  I have not felt such joy, such peace, such incredible rest and comfort and confidence in a very long time.  What a blessing!  There is still so much unknown, but here I am, resting in His hand.

My un-wedding ring from the Mexican festival.  :-)
 The day has been full of joy, of mochas and ice cream, and burritos, of laughs, of Mexican festivals, cookbooks, songs, and virgin margaritas, and more to come, but I am still reveling in the smallest moment, which is the biggest.

"You're right where you're supposed to be."

And there I rest.  It is a promise.



Elina Russell said...

Awww... Enjoyed this post Sheila. Been thinking about you and praying for you today. I'm so glad the Lord gave you a beautiful day! :) love and hugs!

Christine said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy following your blog Sheila and it is always really encouraging to me. A post like this, when today you would have been married, God speaks to you so clearly telling you that you are just right where you need to be. God is truly amazing!!

Meisie said...

Beautiful! love you!!

JaynEryn said...