Friday, September 9, 2011

Vancouver: A journey of observation

Yesterday I took a little trip across the water.  Those of you who have been reading here a while or know me, know that I live on a little island.  A big island, actually, but a little island when it comes to the size of the world.  This one!

People-watching is a favourite sport of mine
So, yesterday I traveled to Vancouver, by ferry, to see a friend.  It's fascinating, actually.  I'm so not a city girl or a corporate ladder climber, so being right downtown is, well, interesting.  

A little green...
But the water, oh!  The water is beautiful.  And the green in the parks, I love it.  I find the contrast of the old and the new invigorating.  And the vitality of the people around me is wonderful.  Yet I never realized how horrific self-satisfaction can be: It's everywhere!  Everything is concentrated in the city.

A glimpse of the water at the left...

In it's full glory!
Fascinating, how the old can mingle with the new.
And so I'm here for the next few days, soaking in something.  Perhaps I'll have to shed it again, we'll see.  But in the mean time, I'm determined to learn, to observe, and to pray a lot.  The Lord desperately wants me to learn while I'm here, but if I am to learn from Him, I need to be seeking Him.  So I am, silently, as I walk, and think.

Take some time to observe today, and pray for me.  Comment, what did you learn?  And I'll pray for you in that too.  :-)

In Him,


Elina Russell said...

Praying for you. :)

JaynEryn said...

Wow, you are very close to where my uncle lives! Nice pictures :)