Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do Not Worry; a list and a thought

Things I have to do tomorrow... or soon.  Or before work starts on the 17th, or before I leave at the end of January.

- Make a little address book
- Put up the Christmas lights
- Work on my new doula course
- Finish gifties
- Write a letter to my friend
- Write 2 emails back
- Bake cookies
- Tie ribbons on paper flowers for craft fair
- Do all the other stuff that needs doing.

It's 12:39am.  It's one of those nights.  Those nights where all the things I need to do keep going around and around in my head until each one is broken apart into so many pieces that I have about 5,000 things that need doing.  NOW.

And then I realize I'm hungry, except I already ate two suppers.  So I get up and I have a snack, and then wonder whether I should have, and whether I should have read so late and if that's why I'm still awake, or not...

But you know, I was praying about it, and I realized it's really wrong!  All this jumble in my head is me trying to be in control of my life.  Me trying to control what needs doing.  Me trying to control what gets done.  Me trying to sort out how to do it all.  Me trying to sort out what's important.  Me trying to justify my food intake and figure it all out based on some unknown and invisible standard.

Bah.  If that's not an example of not resting in the will of God, I don't know what is.  So why am I baring my sin to you, oh unfriendly internet world?  Because I guess I'm human too, and just wanted to share this brilliant thought that Jesus gave me (which, I might add, is not so original as I thought when I first thought it). 

If I give this all to Jesus, He will sort out what's important, sift out the extraneous material, and give back to me the things He wants me to do tomorrow.  And I don't need to worry about it right now.

So do not worry... But seek first [God's] kingdom and his righteousness... Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  -Matt. 6:31a, 33a, 34

Ha.  There you have it.  Sleep?  You can come whenever you like now.  I'm seeking His kingdom above all else.  :-)


ETA:  I got a call at 7am this morning... I had a birth to attend!  God has a good sense of humour.  ;-)


Mariah said...

Great thoughts, Sheila! I always read your blog posts, but usually am to busy to comment. I think I am going to share those verses with Tyler, he can be a little bit of a worrier. I know it's harder for him, as he feels all he responsibility to provide for his family, but I know it's something he needs to hear too. Thanks for that!

Maria said...

Thanks girl. I've got two weeks left in my semester and so much else going on and I feel like it's all slipping out of my fingers...

And then God makes sure I have a car to borrow so I don't have to walk two miles across the city in the dark in the cold. And he makes sure I have encouraging notes in my inbox when I need them. And he makes sure I'm not alone when I'm facing the depths of despair.

I love you. And God.

Sheila said...

And I love you girls. Sooo much.

Elizabeth said...

I too have felt like this and your conclusion is so right! We need to let God be in control! Thank you for this lovely reminder, Sheila!