Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am a Street Lamp

Have you ever thought of yourself as a street lamp?  This thought came to me, I believe from the Lord, several nights ago as I snuck out late for a walk, talking to Jesus as I did.  It was cold, and I walked quickly to keep from shivering.  I tipped my head back as far as I dared without baring my neck too much to the breeze, and peeked a little at the stars.  They are truly magnificent.

As I approached a dark spot, the stars seemed brighter, shining at me, as well as around me, and whispering secrets to me as I stood there, in awe, no longer trying to shield my neck from the cold.  My head lay as far back as it could go, and I drank it all in.  The magnitude of time, and the monstrous size of those heavenly bodies filled my heart with wonder as I attempted for the zillionth time to comprehend the heavens.  The sky certainly is a beautiful place, and a humbling one, as well.

Finally, I moved on, walking brisquely and speaking with my Lord, trying to listen to Him even above the swishing of my clothes.  I stopped for a moment to hear Him better, and then kept walking.

A block and a half from home, I had an incredible revelation.  I'm a street lamp.  You see, I was still gazing at the stars as I walked, and as I approached a street light, the stars seemed to dim and become rather faint.  All at once, I couldn't see them at all, in fact all I could see was this brilliant, yellow light shining into my face.  I stared at it for a moment, and then began to move past it, but the light in my eyes was still shielding me from the light of the stars.  It took quite a number of steps before the stars came back into view, one by one.

If, in this crazy analogy, you think of the magnitude of the heavens as representing our eternal Creator God--so vast, so incomprehendable, so brilliant--then that street lamp surely must be me.  The light from that lamp is darkness in comparison with the illumination from just one of those suns out there, and yet when my eyes are focused on it alone, it completely blocks out the light of all of those wonderous creations of light.

Isn't that much the same as when I focus my inward eyes onto myself, so crowding the view of and relationship with my Lord?  His brilliance is so much more than mine that it cannot even be compared, yet daily I seem to find more fascination with a street lamp than a whole night sky filled with stars.


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Sarah B said...

Very encouraging Sheila! I've never viewed it from that point before but it makes a lot of sense! I'm praying for you! :)
Sarah B