Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Giggle, and Dance, and Laugh

Oh my goodness gracious, I'm ridiculous.  Just came to that conclusion, actually.  Seems natural enough!  For all my smiling and hand-shaking and door-opening and all, I still manage to find myself putting every single sentence used in the kitchen after 7pm to some odd tune, perhaps something from before my time that I've heard on the radio in a store, perhaps an old hymn, or *gasp* something I just made up.   Oh boy.  What now?

Then comes the unconscious laughter and arms around my Mama's neck.  Hugs are important, no matter your age.  Then she giggles at me and we carry on with our nonsensical song.  Our laughter climaxes in a ridiculous dance, finally landing us on the floor by the counter, where we pick up our assorted body parts and giggle over the state of our messy hair.  Slight propriety ensues as we fix ourselves some tea.  Oh yes, that's all my fault, right there, but I love it.

Sometimes I find myself oddly making faces in the mirror, shocked to discover a parent over my shoulder.  Pausing with my nose wrinkled, one eyebrow up, and one down, I blush mildly, only to look up and see some other crazy face close beside mine in the glass.

And words.  Oh my.  Our family has a lot of words for things.  Strange names and, again, nonsensical mumblings that seem perfectly normal to us.

Perhaps my strangeness and the hilarity that is so commonplace in my family has set me apart.  You could take that a few ways.  On one hand it could be a wonderful thing not to be like everyone else, but I admit, sometimes the strangeness I have obtained does land me with with odd glances while I am out and about.  No matter.

There really is no good conclusion to a post such as this, is there?  I guess I'm just silly, and felt like sharing some goofiness.  :-D

Returning to my old-time sign-off:

Hugs to my huggable friends and a hearty handshake to the rest of you,


Charne aka Meisie said...

You just summed out why I love to hang out with you guys (especially that 'mam' of yours ;-) ) make me feel so at takes one 'crazy' to truly appreciate another? Love and miss you.....

Charne aka Meisie said...


Anonymous said...

I STILL cannot post under my name, so 'Anonymous' I remain, Yours Truly, Lorraine Allenbach, your (crazy) mother :-)

I LOVE being your Mum (MW;-) and the strangness is just our comfort together, enjoying the gift of laughter, fun and joy that come from our mutual Heavenly Father! Consider it a major part of your earthly inheritance, and a Hug from God Who says: I love you Sheila! Enjoy!

PS, Thanks Charne! We miss you too!!! and look forward to some silliness next time you blow through :-D