Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blustery Oceans and Open Fields

I'm in  a thinky, dreamy mood.  Maybe it's because I'm unwinding from yet another practice ACT.  Maybe it's because I'm listening to beautiful music.  I don' t know, but I like it.  It's that little space between all the things I have to do and the joy that comes in doing them.  It's the hectic pace of life right before heading to work full time soon, the quietness of a house with just me in it.  It's the foggy morning that melted into a still day, the as-of-yet unmade brownies.

A funny space, don't you think?  It's the moment of exhilarating memories of blustery oceans and torrential rain, remembered in an open field under a starry sky.  It's trying to figure out what to do next when you have a giant to-do list.  It's scouring the internet for the perfect brownie recipe, but finding your heart on the stars without thinking.

Did you leave me yet?  Or did you find my heart in this odd little moment?  Has my cluttered mix of abstract and concrete made you drift away from this spot?  Or are you a little like me?

Ah well, the unwashed clothes and un-skipped-on streets are calling my name once again.  Thus, I must leave you to ponder your reality and imagination.  Enjoy.  :-)


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