Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bananas, Nutella, and Handfulls of Flowers

There seem to be a bazillion things to be thankful for right now.  Not all of them might seem like things one would be pleased about at first glance, but I am, and the Lord is so gracious to me, His little daughter.  Let's begin with number one.

1. I have a job.  I wasn't sure there for a little while, and I do, and it's been super hard, and super good, and I feel like I haven't even worked full time because of all the crazy things I've had to be doing, but I am working full time, and it's intense and wonderfully fulfilling.  (And that was a really bad run-on sentence.  Forgive me.)

2. I am sick.  This is still true, although it was a lot truer yesterday.  I actually thought about staying home from work on Monday, but I made it through the workday.  Tuesday morning (yesterday), I felt exceptionally horrific, and stayed at home all day, most of which I spent in bed, lying there like some sort of globular space creature.

Let me elaborate on that one for a second, because it still really doesn't sound like something to be thankful for.  I stayed home today too, even though I've started to feel a bit better, because my job is quite physical, and my congestion is still pretty bad.  When I get up quickly or move around without being very slow and deliberate, my head pounds.  And this morning, especially, there were gobs of goop clogging my passages.  Lovely, I know.  :-P

Still not sounding good.  But it is!!!  First of all, it's made me more thankful for health.  Second of all, it's made me more thankful for my family.  Finally, today, it's given me an immense opportunity to enjoy.  I'm all alone in the house, and I have simply been resting my soul; in the Word, in a nice, warm, soak-y bath, in pretty skirts, in playing the piano, in my newly found favourite treat of banana chips with nutella, and in gentle kitchen cleanup.  I weirdly like kitchen cleanup.  How good it feels to be slow and meandering, finding myself bare-footed in the sunshine, cupping a handful of tiny flowers close to my face, and drinking in the scents and gentle delights of early spring.

The tiny, gentle, beautiful things in life are much more noticeable when you've been feeling goopy and groggy for 24 hours or more.


1. I have a job.
2. I am sick
3. Warm, toasty baths and the lovely clean feeling afterwards
4. Playing Debussy when I'd almost forgotten that playing the piano can be fulfilling
5. Long, beautiful, colourful, twirly skirts
6. Banana chips with Nutella (Seriously, you've gotta try it)
7. Dishes to wash (it makes me feel like a Mama)
8. Bare feet
9. Tiny, baby blossoms
10. The smell of fresh-cut grass
11. Itty bitty puppy dogs that cuddle you when you feel icky
12. An amazing family
13. Dancing in my heart
14. Tea ;-)
15. Jesus

There are so many more, and some of them don't have words.  They just are.  They exist.  In beautiful bubbles of joy they exist.

And so I'm happy that I'm sick.  And I'm happy that I'll probably be able to go to work tomorrow.  And that Jesus is the High King!

In His Royal Service,


M Letourneau said...

It's a joy to read of your restful day! I love you beautiful sister.

Kaleigh said...

Beautiful post, Sheila! I love cleaning the kitchen, too. Praying you'll get better soon. Phil.4:13

Sarah B. said...

I hope you're feeling better soon Sheila, I'm praying for you too.
Aww....puppy dogs...I miss mine :(

Kaleigh said...

Sheila, you have been tagged by Anna K. and me.