Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I've been tagged by Anna and Kaleigh at Facing the Waves.  I haven't done one of these in a long, long time, but it's a good one, and these girls are my favourite.  :-)  Here goes!
Here Are The Rules
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself (optional).
3. Answer the questions the tagger posted for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that they have been tagged.

11 Random things about me... hmm...

1. I would still spend all day every day in a giant maple tree if I could.  Or close, anyway.  ;-)
2. Every time I learn something new about Jesus or understand something about His Word better, I get really excited and really thoughtful.
3.  I like the texture of pansy flowers on my tongue.
4. Spring is my favourite season.
5. When I was about 4 I mixed together a whole bunch of colours of playdough and made... ugly brown playdough.
6. I've never attended a whole day of 'out-school'.
7. I work at a greenhouse.
8.  I like brownies.
9. I have a birth mark on the opposite leg from my Mum.
10. I'm going to South Carolina in the fall.  (YAYYY!)
11. I'm always dreaming.  And dancing.  And singing.  At least in my heart.  ;-)

 Kaleigh and Anna's questions:
1. Do you like your Mac or PC? Why?
Um.  My PC is fine.  It was cheaper than a Mac.  Yep.

2. Do you like to listen to music when studying? If so, what kind?
Sometimes I need to, sometimes it's terribly frustrating.  Usually classical.
3. Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones?
Piano, flute, voice.  Yay!
4. Can you describe each of your siblings personality/character? (doesn't have to be a long answer ;))
*crickets chirping*
5. What do you like about our blog?
It's sky-y and bouncy and beautiful.  :-)

6. What's your favorite color and why do you like it?
Green.  Because all the most beautiful things that God made are green: Trees, leaves, moss, grass... 

7. What book besides the Bible has changed you spiritually in some way?
Changed me?  None.  But there have been lots of books that made me think and that thinking and the subsequent praying may have changed me.  I'm thinking of books like The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer, and books like the biography of Hudson Taylor or other missionaries.  Terribly humbling.
8. What books of the Bible do you tend to read from the most?
Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and the epistles.  But I'm trying to read a bunch of other stuff.  I'm finding Ezekiel absolutely fascinating lately.
9. In what way have you grown the most spiritually in the past year?
Wow.  I'm not sure.  But I know I've grown a lot.  I think I have grown the most in my desire to seek God and hear His Word.  Mostly in written form (the Bible).  What I really need to want more is to pray.  Prayer is so vital.
10. Who is your favorite Bible character? Why?
That is a very hard question. Can I cheat and say Jesus?  Because it's totally true.
11. What event/circumstance made your favorite Bible verse(s) "favorite"?
I don't have a single favourite.  Maybe that sounds terrible, but there is so much amazing scripture!  Lately my favourite Biblical 'catch phrase' has been from Nehemiah 8:10 which says at the end of the verse "The Joy of the Lord is your strength".  How important to realize that as we go about our everyday lives!

My questions for YOU:
1. What is your favourite book?  Why?
2. What are you currently reading?  Are you enjoying it?
3. If you could instantly have a whole other language in your head, what language would you pick?
4. Where are you currently reading in Scripture?  What are you learning there?
5. Career/school plans?
6. Favourite historical story?  Why?
7. Why do you have a blog?  What does it mean to you?
8. If you could see yourself in any specific, hands-on ministry for the sake of the Gospel, what would it be?
9. Do you prefer baking or cooking?  Or if you do neither, do you prefer sweets or savoury foods?
10. Puppy dogs or kitty cats?
11. The number one, most important thing in your life?

And that is it.  I tag:


That's it.  :-)



Kaleigh S. said...

Dear Sheila,
I love reading your answers. :) Especially...
#4 (I didn't know you had crickets for siblings. ;)),
#9 (That is a similar answer to what I would have given. :D)
#11 (Yes, I love that verse, too. It's also one of my favorites.)

Thanks for posting this!

Sheila said...

Oh yes, my famed cricket-sisters. :-P