Monday, June 4, 2012

Even Today is a Ministry

It seems that life is happening too fast and I haven't had the opportunity to write it all down, either here, or in my private journal.  What is it that keeps me from writing?  Oh, only the very life itself that I am living.  More and more I find that this existence is filled with incredible people, heart-wrenching lessons, and a very great God.  I only wish I knew Him even better.

What am I to write about, you ask?  Or is that very question my question?  What is a young, Christian lady to write in contribution to this vast, unending stream of beautiful pictures, finely crafted words, and well-thought-through studies that pour into the sea of the internet?  I'm just me, struggling with my own imperfections, my own exhaustion, my own frustrations, and my own fears.  I've even discovered bitterness I never thought my heart could harbour, and it has cut me to the quick. 

What can I say?  I'm just a broken human being, like any of us, but there is one thing that is keeping me going.  My life is a ministry.  WHAT?  Yeah.  As a follower and daughter of Christ, I am (I must be!) usable by Him, and though I often fail and often miss opportunities the Lord places squarely in front of me, He can and does use me.  I truly cannot understand why or how, but He does, and I so desperately want Him to.  So you see, while in many ways today itself is a ministry, with the people I am in contact with and the prayers that I can (and should!) pray, it is also a preparation for tomorrow, for without today's work, tomorrow's study, tomorrow's mission, tomorrow's life, cannot be.  The next row of bricks cannot be laid without the one below it.

So it is that I find my work today seeming so much more important, as I realize that it is the foundation for whatever else the Lord may have for me, even though today's job seems so much less important that many things I can imagine.  Even so, if my entire life seemed as mundane as today, the Lord would still be sovereign.  If He had directed it to appear to me mundane, then it would still be perfect.  I fail to understand that, too, but it is so true.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD and he delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:23-24
Wow.  Off to delight in the way of the Lord.  :-)



CSI said...

Dear Beloved Servant of The God Almighty, Holy Greetings to You in Jesus Our Lord.

I am A Pastor From India.

While I am searching For Some Particular Biblical Material, I have found your Site, I read Your Writings, Really They are Wonderful.

If It is God's Will, Please Pray for us and for our Ministries for The Salvation of The perishing Millions in These Perilous Last Days.

I and We pray for you.

Thanking You


Kaleigh said...

That was beautiful, Sheila; thank you. :) Yes, life often seems to go by at a crazy pace, and it's only as we focus on Him, that we realize our total dependence. We cannot go forward unless we go in His strength.

Anonymous said...

Blogger STILL won't let me comment under my google accts - so, your 'anonymous' Mumzie here ;-)

Good to see you back and musing on your blog again! Yes, life is sure a mystery - so thankful that we serve our Awesome, Sovereign, Saviour God, and that we rest there, in His hands. The bricks are being laid by our Master Builder and we are praying for you each step of the way - watching with joy what the Lord is doing in your life.
"Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name."
Hugs, Mum

Caleb Michael said...

Hey Sheila,
Nice blog; bright colors and cheery look. Human life is sure crazy, but when it comes to perfect harmony, you need look no farther than God's creation. Why, even in a cursed world, there's still a balance with the food chain and water cycle and everything ecological. If you like created things, maybe check out my wildlife blog. I've got a series of posts going on a Christian perspective on environmental issues. There is a link on the sight to my other blog on paleontology, if you're interested. I would love to see a comment to challenge my theories (some are pretty wild)! The URL for my wildlife blog is
Keep being God's kid and He can even put perfect order in your life. I think you'll find (and already have, I'm sure) that things that seem crazy now are really a part of something perfectly orderly.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hi Sheila!

I understand you feel, life can be going by so fast, and through it all we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and His word :)
Keep posting when you got the time :D
Sarah Elizabeth