Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn, Hope, and Eternity

I've accomplished a lot today, but I've been so distracted, my mind so flurry-ful, my heart so glad and joyous.  Fall is here, now, but it's a different kind of fall.  Tiny faeries must be floating on the little oak leaves, as they meander to my feet all in a hurry.  I look across the sidewalk and see a whirl of them, sending a song back to heaven with their vigour.  Warm and comforting, the afternoon air does not seem autumnal, but this is a new autumn, this is a new dream.

What high hopes we have for life, what great things we might all accomplish.  How many more leaves will I bruise beneath my feet?  How many more acorns will I crush?  How many more moments until eternity?  Or when does eternity begin?  Perhaps the questions are my answers, as I wait in expectation for the next season, drawing deep droughts of worth out of this moment by the anticipation of the next.


Sarah B. said...

Autumn is full swing here too. I often wonder what eternity will be like when we get there, it may seem like a long time now, but it will come on us much sooner than what we thought. I can't wait to see so many people who have gone before us :)
Love Sarah B

Sarah B. said...

P.S. I like your background too! It's really pretty! :D

Lorraine said...

Beautiful thoughts, artistically communicated. These are among the questions we all ask, the answers we ponder. Looking forward to see all that the Lord does in and with your life, dear one!
GPMW ;-)