Saturday, October 13, 2012

Purposeful Acorns

My imagination still dreams.  I still fly into starry skies with my soul, wandering among mossy, mushroom-filled forest glades where the soft green morning light filters through the springtime leaves.  My heart leaps for joy as I catch a glimpse of a patch of yellowed fall leaves on a green southern oak, or crack open an acorn to understand the mind of a squirrel.

Is it strange that my mind wanders so?  Is it odd that the scent of the autumn blooms transports me to spring?   Is it odd to find such rural beauty among the brown bricks of my university campus?  Perhaps it's just this desperate need for life to keep on living, my heart to keep on beating, my dreams to not keep fading as I work on the fulfillment of them.

University.  It's not a place I thought I'd be.  Nursing.  It's even further from my more recent goals.  South Carolina?  Not a place I would have planned to go.  Yet here I am, living life, penetrating time, filling my soul with God's Truth and my mind with the knowledge He has created. It's thrilling, really.

I could describe my life as hectic, crazy, emotional, or stressful, but those words would not be very true, because each one has somewhat of a negative connotation, and I'm here for a purpose, for God's purpose, and it's beautiful. So I choose to describe my life as full, exciting, intense, forward-moving.  It's just the way He wants it to be, full of acorns and autumn blooms and textbooks.

In Devotion to Christ,


Lorraine said...

Nice post! Yes, life often takes us to places we never thought we'd be - both physical, situational, and emotional. And of course, the neat thing about acorns is that they grow, when hidden away in the dirt, into the most magnificent of trees, with so much more purpose than just to feed the squirrel family Christmas dinner ;-) Love to hear you growing.

Love and hugs!
MW ;-)

Sarah B. said...

Good to see you on here again! :D God sure does take us places we never expect, doesn't He? I miss you and love you lots,
Sarah B :)