Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today I'm reflecting on the past and my life in Christ.  There are some moments when you come right to the end of yourself and have to wonder why.  Why this story?  Why her story?  Why his story?  Why such hurt? Yet as as I meditate upon my life and others, I am struck by the incredible beauty of the fingerprints of God. Everywhere I look, He is in control.  Through the deepest valleys, and the roughest storms, He has been carefully crafting our lives.  As I get older I start to realize just how much pain and hurt there is in the world, and I wonder how God deals with it all.  The sobbing faces I see before me are only a tiny, tiny sample of the wounded hearts and burdened souls that brush past me each day with plastered smiles or downcast eyes.

Can you imagine the grandeur of God?  Can you fathom His infinite character or the vastness of His love?  He brings us through the wildest storms, just to prepare us for something much greater.  His sovereignty is unchanging.

And when we pray, He listens.  These tiny, floundering souls that hurry and scatter across the globe each day in pursuit of vain dreams--He listens to us.  Those unspoken prayers, those deep, wordless thoughts--He hears them!  And what am I to the world?

Yet His fingerprints are continually evident.  Every day.  Every hour.  Every minute.

Every life.

Praising Him,

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Sarah B. said...

Encouraging Sheila! Thanks for writing :)