Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Artist of the Heart - Seeking out Beauty

The more I learn about the body and see the art inside, the more I realize I'm an artist.  You can be a science lover and an artist, right?  You can mine the depths of the workings of the human body and be an artist, right?

Maybe I'm not the artist majoring in paintbrushes or bowstrings, vocal cords or clay, but I know deep down inside me, in the part of me that reaches for the tiny fingers of the newborn barely birthed, there is poetry.  And poetry makes my heart sing!

Look at those textures and marvel with me at the amazing genius and creative majesty of our Saviour and Creator!  What a joy to serve the one who designed this stuff!

Tomorrow I have a giant Anatomy and Physiology test, and sometimes my brain doesn't want to absorb all the information.  Sometimes I feel bogged down, overwhelmed, overworked.  And then I look up.  I see this beauty.  I see through my own eyes and my own soul, and I am overjoyed.  Overwhelmed by His sovereignty.  How can I worry or fear or dread?

I need to sing more, to revel more, to wait patiently more.  God has put me in an amazing place where I walk into my classroom and am greeted by the warmth of another heart that loves Jesus, and am subsequently taught from that heart!  What a privilege!

So I stop, in spring, to enjoy the flowers.  To drink in the scents.  To revel in the downpour and the days of cold, misty wetness, knowing that even then, the flowers still bloom, drinking deep for tomorrow when the sun shines.



Lorraine said...

Amazing! How wonderful is our God; how blessed are we to see His world through your eyes. Thank you dear one!
MW ;-)

Sarah B. said...

Me precisely at present. Thanks for encouraging me! It's helped so much. :)

Bernhard Allenbach said...

This is just wonderful ! Thank you...