Monday, July 29, 2013

Is This the Day?

It seems that sometimes the Lord's reminders for us of the brevity of life and the surety of eternity come washing over in great waves.  For me, it is certainly so.  This has been a summer of great learning (and little blogging) and as I have learned to nurse and be nursed (taught, led, protected), to give, to take, and  to pray.  To pray?  Have I learned?  But one tiny drop, yes, I have learned a little of how to pray, but yet I fail daily.  To fail daily and know it, however, is but a step to succeeding, and I pray the Lord will reward that with the grace to try again tomorrow.

I've been working at a little nursing home the past few weeks.  It's been challenging, jumping in with little to no knowledge and a whole new set of things to do.  I've been Mum, daughter, friend, sister, cook, cleaner, and nurse to all these dear people, two of whom have already passed away.  In many ways, it's the closest I've ever been to death, to really be there and feel it in my hands, in my heart, in my spirit.  To know the nearness of the end. (and yet the beginning!)  It is a very powerful thought.

Have you ever really wondered upon the marvel of dying?  No, really, I'm not being gruesome, I love life.  If you know me at all you know that is vibrantly true.  I love to live, I love to see others live.  And I want to truly live yet more fully.  Yet the marvel of dying is that there is much greater life beyond it, much truer life.  Think of your blood, pulsing seemingly tirelessly through your body, and the incredible substance that it is in the first place, and realize that it is not your heart that keeps you alive, but God, and that for better or for worse you will be alive forever.

I've had the immense opportunity to remind some people of that recently, and I pray and pray that the Lord will give me not only more of those opportunities, but great wisdom and words to speak in the moment.  Opportunities to share the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ with others may come relatively frequently, but it is not until we surrender our tongues that the Spirit of God can really work in that moment.  And then, if we are willing, He speaks.  What a joy that is!

You will be alive forever.  Will that be a life unto eternal dying?  Or will it be life abundant in the truest living that is possible?  Will you wake up and ask yourself tomorrow (and the next day and the next),  "Is this the day?"  As believers we must.  Steadfast before our Lord, we must, ready for whatever that day brings, whether joys unspeakable or suffering and persecution.  Stand firm in your faith, proclaim it!  And ponder the brevity (shortness) of your days here.

Today may be your joyous day.

Had you thought of that?

Oh happy day!

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Psalm 116:15



Anonymous said...

Thank you. Beautiful as always. Beauty reflected from your heart sunk deep in the love of Christ. I thank the Lord for His blessing through you today.

JaynEryn said...

Nice to hear from you again! I like to read your thoughts :)

Just one thought though -- I love your background picture, but it is a bit hard to read the text on top...

Caleb Michael said...

Ya, it has been a while since you posted, for sure. But that's a good thing, in a sense. To be sure, it sounds like you've been living real life. It really is something to be near someone as their physical life ebbs away. Death is one of those things that, for a Christian, is truly wonderful, because it's life! But in the same breath, we cry and it is very sad, because it is death... We look forward to the day when all is life and there is no death to sadden us. It will be history. Like reading a riveting and frightening drama that ends well, I think we will discover that it was all good and worth it.