Monday, January 20, 2014

Hallelujah! Grace visited me today...

I'm trying to study, and while it's not actually too hard and my brain doesn't hurt (yet!), my heart is too happy.  I do have concerns, life is never, ever perfect, but today, too much is beautiful to only fill this moment with chemistry.  That can come in a moment.  :)

This moment is so peaceful - I want to share it with the world, but you, reader, are my world, so here it is.  The grass is pale and clumps can be pulled out, but they are joyful deadness, full of seeds, brothers of which have given birth to the new, green shoots that intermingle with the dead.  The date is January 20th, but the sun is warm, and the breeze is soft, and even the pages of my books cannot stand still for the delight of it all.  The trees hang bare, but the sky is blue, the air is peaceful, the learning is bright.

There is this thought that one should not leave, nor go away from those you love, and I see that, I see that wisdom, but right now, so far from so much, I am simply glad God placed me here.  I could never have received all that I have just today if I had not forsaken much that is, indeed, good and true.    Forsaking one good, true, thing does not mean turning to that which is evil or false, but can mean a turning of the page, a finding of another chapter a whole world away.

The robins think it's spring, and flit and sing among the dead branches, singing of life that is yet coming.  Like our lives, so filled with hope of eternity in Christ, yet littered with bracken even as we sing our "Hallelujahs."  How soon we will be free from all the litter - yet how far we have to go until we get there.  What relationship we can have between, with our Great, Glorious God!

Relationship, I might add, that can dance me joyfully into service, rushing out of all that I am in Christ, delighting me in the hard things, singing to me in the pain, rejoicing me through the dead wood.  For this is not the end.

And tomorrow I'll sit again and listen to new learning, and yet my mind might be like all these birds, seeking endlessly for seeds of truth and the food of wisdom.  Where else might I so quickly acquire all these tools, these instruments of life-living?

Oh little bird!  I will not harm you!  May my soul be that delighted.  Rush through me, wind, don't forget my name.  Father!  you are Holy, Pure, Supreme and wonderful.  May everything in me sing gratitude and grace.


Back to classifying organic compounds for Christ's sake,

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Lorraine said...

Beautiful, as always :-)