Friday, March 7, 2014

Slipping By

Life is slipping by, you know?  This elastic world of time is being pulled and tugged in so many directions all around me.  I happened perchance today upon some little girl pictures of a childhood playmate and suddenly I realized just how much time has passed - her life now with her husband the past few years, and the world of childhood now gone from this moment.  The ladies I see around me, flinging speedily through time as well, were all once little girls with me too.  I looked at them as peers, and now their little children have peers of their own.

There is this sense in which I see that everyone else is at a different place in life than I am; either just leaving those childhood years, beginning it again with their own children, or setting out on a journey with their new spouse.  For me it's not so much that I pine after someone else's life as that I find myself in the most interesting position of watching all of this slide by, myself caught in a web of schoolwork, yet retaining the same quantity of life experience and crazy adventures as my married friends.

Where am I now?  Where is such a more accurate question than when, for when is relative.

And now I shall just go and ponder my Lord and His timelessness.  What a comfort that is!

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Lisa said...

Hey Sheila! Remember me? I was just reminiscing old times of studying Systematic Theology and trying all the links on the old SOA blog in the hopes that someone was still online and blogging. Yay! I found you. :)