Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Almost there

I feel a little like a crazy woman.  6 more days.  2 more days of classes.  3 days of exams.  6 exams.  Home soon.  Miss home!  Will miss BJ!  So much to take in and spill out and work through and, as always, so little time.

Philosophy is good for me.  I think I've always been a philosopher and never really realized it.  All my workings through of the hilarity, insanity, and beauty of life, all entwine into a perfect philosophical knot, each part of which has a name I never knew before this semester.

But you know, this afternoon I was walking back to my dorm after a class on Sartre and his rather anti-biblical ideologies, and it struck me: The human being is very interesting concept.

I mean really.  A being, made in the image of the Divine Creator, fully capable of choosing.  That is rather a shocking idea.

So me, this little human being, is going to rush around with a lot of doing for the next few days and then it's on to the next thing for a few months.  Then back to the craziness.  :-)

Happy being human!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy it! :)
I like your blog, friend!
~ Mafe

Lorraine said...

So look forward to having you home for our brand of craziness :-) Philosophy goes well with ice cream ! ;-)