Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Heart Cord

I think there are days when I forget to see the beauty.  I forget to feel the rain.  My inner, swirling world surrounds me from the inside out, and all I can see is the wetness of the hard ground beneath my feet.  My feet, moving forward robotically, taking me from one task to the next.  But then in the midst of the dankness of a thankless soul, fresh mist begins to fall, outside first, but then slowly seeping into the deeper parts of my being.

In the softness of the night I succumb to the tenderness of my Saviour as He shows me this scarlet cord wrapped around my thirsty heart.  That pulsing, red, life-giving cord is scarlet with His blood, a lifeline to my soul.  It's a cord of love, three-stranded, strong, with vessel walls of strength for me to hold upon and be rescued from my self-created despair.  In that moment when I turn from my cold, hard streets and hold upon that cord of life, my spirit is lifted, my gaze turns to those beautiful things which He has given and is giving, and new hope begins to build.

That gentle mist now covers my enraptured face and my eyes catch glimpses of beauty on the rain-streaked branches, reflecting the evening light gladly.  The music drifts through me.  There is much yet to mend, but my heart is healed.  My purpose set and joyous once more as I change my song to sing of the Life I've found again.


Charne aka Meisie said...

Beautiful! HUGS

Lorraine said...

Stunning. Thank You! Ann Voskamp, move over ;-) Love you, Sweets! GP